The Bellingham Hotel, Then and Now

Upon its construction in 1929, as the final project in a period of economic expansion that ended abruptly with the crash of the stock market, the Bellingham Hotel,standing 213 feet (15 stories), was at the time Bellingham’s tallest building – a distinction it still holds today. It is also the only remaining example of Art Deco architecture in the city, a fact that makes me wonder why it hasn’t found its way onto the historic register.

After nearly 30 years in operation, it was converted into luxury apartments in 1962, and then finally into commercial office space in the 70s, when it was renamed “The Bellingham Towers.” I’m not sure what the purpose of the plural designation is, since it (obviously) is one, and not two towers.

In any case, it is our most visible landmark, and has a long and colorful past, which I would now like to share in the form of some ephemera–



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